Amplify is a confidential forum for members of the energy research community to share accounts of workplace bullying and harassment. The site is completely anonymous and allows members of our community to come forward with their stories and to see the stories others have shared.  

By collecting and sharing these accounts we hope to raise awareness and create a safe and honest way to examine our working cultures. The theme of this year’s National Anti-Bullying Week is One kind word, so we would also encourage you to share occasions when someone said or did something that made a positive difference. Accounts can be any length, even just a few lines.

The site will be open until 30 September 2022. We hope to take forward what we may learn to feed into conversations and policy on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within CREDS, and further afield.

We won’t share or retain any personal information. By sending your story to us, you consent to it being displayed on the Amplify website until 30 September 2022. Your story may be used in anonymised data which is collected and reported on as part of the project.

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